Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day 8- Our last day

Girl was still not well this morning. I got her drinking some water sips and she seems to be keeping that down, but she can barely stand, she is so weak. We have to be out of our hotel room by 11am.

I get everything packed and we head down shortly after 10 am, I have packed everything we need in our carry ons for the remainder of the day. We check out and then check our luggage with the resort airline check in. This is a very nice service. They check and tag your luggage, bring your luggage to the airport for you, and print out your boarding passes so when you get to the airport, you just have to get through security.

After we checked in, we go eat some breakfast. I have pancakes, husband has French toast, boy has a cinnamon bun and I manage to get girl to slowly eat a Jello. She manages to keep the Jello down and starts feeling better. Thank goodness.

After breakfast, we digested for a while in the son, boy has to go to the bathroom. So I take him and low and behold he has diarrhea. He ends up going to the bathroom 3 times with diarrhea and then that was it for him. The kids and husband go swimming, and I lay in the sun. We walk around the resort and get some pictures and go and grab another bite to eat at the resort hotel and then it is time to get in line to wait for our Magical Express bus to the airport.

The bus ride back was good. We were at the airport about 400pm. The Orlando airport is huge. The lineup through the security check was massive, it took about 45 minutes to get through. I grab something to eat and a nice hot tea, and we sit for about 20 minutes before being boarded. Great. Not to long of a wait.

The plane left on time and it was a nice smooth ride. Girl had some issues with her ears, but it was a fast flight. We arrived in Syracuse 30 minutes early and were driving home about 830pm.
The drive was good, roads and weather was clear. We arrived home at 1115pm, got the kids into bed, un loaded the car and crashed our selves.

Our trip is over. It was a good one. The thing I will miss most is the weather.

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