Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 1 - Magic Kingdom

WE left for the airport about 730am, and got through security and waited by the gate for about an hour before boarding. The Syracuse airport is great, because it is not huge. It is a nice size. You can easily navigate your way through the airport with no problems, and because it isn't huge, it isn't as busy.
The flight was on time, and left on time after de-icing. The kids did great on the plane. WE flew Jet Blue and I was very pleased with them. They have complimentary headphones, so everyone can watch the in flight entertainment system, which is great. It has great channels and we each get our very own screen on the back of the seat in front of us, so we can watch whatever we wanted, which was nice. I wasn't stuck watching kids shows. We landed in Orlando on time, and the weather was great. Cloudy but mild. We walked outside and it was so nice not needing a coat on. I love Florida.
WE got checked in for our magical express bus ride to WDW. We waited probably an hour from the time we landed until we got on the Magical Express. It was a nice ride into WDW, they played a little movie to get the kids primed for all the things you can do in Disney. WE arrived at our hotel at 2pm and checked in. Our room was ready, or so they said, because by the time we got up there, the cleaning lady was still there cleaning. She was just finishing up so that was OK.
We stayed at the All Star Movie resorts, in the Toy Story Building 10, Buzz LightYear. It was an OK hotel room, at least the heating system was fairly quiet and constant, so we slept better.
The all star resort is one of the value resorts at Disney, and it is OK, it is nothing fancy. As I see it, why spend more for the rooms, when you are only in your room to sleep. While we are at Disney, we plan to be out all day, every day.
We put our carry ons away, and Disney will bring our luggage to us, in the next few hours. That is a very nice service. You tag your luggage with special tags, and Disney Cast members, pick up your luggage for you, bring it to your hotel and even put it in your room. Very nice service.
We headed to the bus stop. WE are taking advantage of the Disney transportation system while visiting. THey have buses, boats and the monorail. WE hope to ride them all.

WE grab the bus to Magic Kingdom(MK) and get there about 3pm. WE scan in, litteraly as Disney takes your fingerprints and attaches it to your pass. So you are tied to that card, and only your fingerprint will work with that card. So every park we visit we will have to put in our card, and use the finger scan to scan for our print. Very interesting. But whatever, it wasn't a hassle, just different.

We head over to Fantasy land in MK and rode It's a small world, saw Mickey's Philar magic, rode Cinderella's golden Carousel, and visited Pooh's playful spot. WE then ate with our Disney Dining Plan(DDP) at Pinocchio's village Haus. This restaurant is just OK. It is nothing fancy. We have bought the DDP, which includes for all of us, 7 counter service, 7 table service and 7 snacks each. So we use 4 counter service for dinner.

After dinner, we headed to Mickey's Toon town fair and Girl and husband rode Goofy's barnstormer and then we saw Toon park, went to Donald's boat, and Minnie's country house. That area is more for the really little kids, I would say 4 and under. After we finished that area, we headed over to tomorrow land and rode the Indy speedway and did the Carousel of Progress and Buzz light year Space ranger spin and then meet up with friends at Aunt Gravity's galactic goodies. WE stopped into a shop, where boy had to spend some of his money on a Power ranger action hero. We hung together and headed towards Cinderella's castle, to wait and see Wishes Fireworks.
It was nice to catch up and see them there. The kids thought it was great too.
The fireworks were nice, and well worth it. The kids enjoyed it.
After the fireworks, the park closes. So the whole park is exiting at the same time. That is a long and slow process. WE get to our bus stop and the line is huge, we wait about 45 minutes for a bus that we get on to take us back to our resort. I thought that was a pretty long wait. Staying at the All Star Resorts, had one little fall back when coming back from some of the Parks. There are 3 All Star Resorts, First is Sports, Second is Music and Third is Movies. Sometimes these buses, pull into Sports, then Music and then Movies, which can be a little time consuming and long, when you are tired from walking all day and standing on a bus, ready for bed. I guess that is a draw back when staying at a Value Resort. Hopefully other nights we will try to run to catch the bus so we don't have to wait so long. We got back to our resort about 830pm that night and crashed for the night. The first day was a lot of fun, and we are all tired, from no sleep the night before. Ready for Day 2.

Rides we went on/attractions we saw rated out of 5*

It's a small world **(for young kids)
Mickey's Philar magic *****
Cinderella's golden Carousel **(for young kids)
Pooh's playful spot ** (for young kids)
goofy's barnstormer ***
Toon park *(for young kids)
Donald's boat * (for young kids)
Minnie's country house *(for young Kids)
Indy Speedway ***
Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin *****
Carousel of Progress ***
Wishes Fireworks *****

Girls favorite ride/attraction - Mickey's Philar magic and It's a small world
Boys favorite ride/attraction - Buzz lightyear Space ranger spin

Places we dined rated out of 5*

Pinocchio Village Haus **

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