Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 3-Animal Kingdom

Day 3 began fairly early. I wanted to get to Animal Kingdom(AK) early to see the awakening which was suppose to happen at 845am, but there was nothing, so I would not go to Animal Kingdom until the 9am opening again.
When we arrived we had to stand in a crowd, as they let us in early and we got to see Mickey and Minnie greet us.
Then we headed straight to Africa and did the Kilamanjaro Safari, then the Pangani Forest Exploration trail which was nice, it was full of different animals. After riding the safari we went over to camp Minnie Mickey to see The festival of the Lion King. My favorite show of the whole trip. It is fantastic. Definitely go and see it if you are ever in WDW.

After the show, the wait to see a bugs life was only 5 minutes, so we decided to see it. It's tough to be a bug is in the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a magnificent part of AK, it is this huge fake tree, with all sorts of animals carved into it. It is something to see.
The Bugs life show, was horrible, I hated it, and so did girl. She was crying, because she was scared. I would never do it again. It is a waste of time.

After the Bugs life show, we headed for lunch at Pizzafari. It was OK, again, nothing special, fast food pizza is all it was. Girl and boy do not like the pizza in Disney, they find it to saucy and the sauce is terrible. I scraped out boys sauce, and girl got a PB and Jelly sandwich, which she did not like, because it was different. My children are to picky for the DDP and if we ever go back, which I doubt, I would choose not to do it.

After lunch, we headed back outside, to find out it was raining. We brought our rain gear as the forecast called for chance of showers, and luckily we did. By the time we got our rain gear on, the rain had pretty much passed. Great for us.

We then headed over to Dinoland USA. It is nothing spectacular. The kids got to meet Goofy and Pluto and got their autographs, we rode on Triceratop Spin and checked out the Boneyard, which wasn't to great. If you have kids that are dinosaur lovers, then great for them, if not, it is really not much to see. We didn't do a lot of the bigger rides, like Dinosaur and Primeval Whirl, Dinosaur because girl was already freaked out by the bugs life and boy was to small, and primeval whirl because it was to spinny.
I didn't like the Fossil fun games either, makes it feel like a big carnival, which I wasn't to thrilled with.

We then headed over to see Finding Nemo the musical. Another Excellent show, definitely would want to see it again. The shows in Disney are spectacular. After Finding Nemo we went over to Asia, and did the Maharajah Jungle Trek. That was an OK ride, we skipped out on Expedition Everest and Kali River Rapids, because we did not want to be soaked, as it was already a cool overcast day. By the time we were through Asia, we headed out to dinner, as we had reservations for 530pm at Wolf Gang Pucks in Downtown Disney.

WE caught a bus over to the Port Orleans French Quarter Hotel, walked to the back along the water and caught a boat to Down town Disney. The boat ride was quite nice, I would definitely take that boat again. The Port Orleans Hotel seemed pretty nice, I think it is one of the moderate resorts within WDW. When we got to Down town Disney we caught up with our friends again for dinner. WE ended up sitting at seperate tables, but afterwards we shopped and chatted together.

Wolf gang pucks was another just OK restaurant. I didn't think it was anything fancy. It wasn't one of my favorites, but I didn't hate it. I would go back there again, because it wasn't to bad.

Boy was having tummy pains from the time we left AK and I thought it was because he had to poop. He didn't eat his dinner, so we took it to go, just in case he wanted it afterwards.

After dinner we shopped in down town Disney. We checked out the Lego store, great if you have kids totally into Lego, but if you don't, it is still nice to see the displays. Then we shopped in Once upon a toy store, which is a huge store. Girl found something so I headed to a cash to pay gor it and boy decides his tummy really really hurts and he ends up throwing up all over the floor. I end up standing there with him for some time, and then one of the cast members, said she would take care of it and we headed straight to the bus. He fell asleep on the bus ride home and I gave him some gravol and he went straight to bed. He slept all night, with no more vomiting, and by morning he was fine. I think it was something he ate or drank in Disney. Husband seems to think it is the water in the hotel. But we are not sure.
WE crashed early and are ready for Day 4.

Rides we rode/attractions we saw rated out of 5*
Kilamanjaro safari-****
Pangani Forest trail-***
Tree of Life-It's tough to be a bug-*
Triceratop Spin-**(for younger kids)
Finding Nemo- The Musical-*****
Maharajah Jungle Trek-**
Festival of the Lion King-*****

Girls favorite in AK - Festival of the Lion King, and Finding Nemo- The Musical
Boys Favorite in AK - Triceratop spin

Places we dined rated out of 5*

Wolfgang Pucks-***

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