Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day 7- Magic Kingdom

Our last day today at a park. We head again to Magic Kingdom. Girl has a sore tummy this morning, and she probably is constipated.

First stop is Monsters Inc Laugh floor, which we missed the first time. Girl doesn't want to go in, because she has to try to go to the bathroom, so I take her and boy and husband go in. They take a while in there, and we wait in the sun. Girl is really hurting. We wait until they come out, and then head over to see if Boy can ride the Dumbo ride, which he missed the other days we were here. It is just a simple kiddie ride, but for some reason he really wants to ride it. The wait for Dumbo is 30 minutes, so we pass, and go to It's a small world again. After that ride, boy is hungry, so we go to the Village fry shop again, because he likes that.
Husband picks us up something from Cosmic Ray's starlight cafe again, because we liked it there the first time

Girl does not want to eat, and starts freaking out as we are all sitting, I try to rush her to the bathroom as I know she has to throw up, but we don't make it, and she throws up all over the ground in front of where we were eating. The cast members help us by cleaning it up.
She feels better after that, so I figure it was something she ate or drank for breakfast. She drank the hotel water with kool-aid in it, and goldfish for breakfast. I really think this is from the hotel water. After she is better, we sit down and finish our lunches.

After lunch we head over to the Tom Sawyer Ride, where we decided to take it easy for girl. Waiting in line for the boat over, girl starts freaking out again, luckily for me, I have been carrying a barf bag around. I grab her out of the line, to the exit, where she throws up again.

I grab our passes from husband and head back to the resort. Husband and boy stay. They manage to go to Tom Sawyer Island, and they did the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and then met us at the resort. Girl was sleeping for a few hours, and felt better when she woke up, so we thought we would head back for our dinner reservations.

WE made it to the bus stop line, and girl throws up again, and walks away stumbling, and I yell at husband to grab her and sit her down, I think she would have passed out, if we didn'tt get her down. We had a couple people offer to help, but really we just needed to get her to her bed.
Husband carried her back the room, where she slept the rest of the day and night, boy and I had dinner from the resort hotel in our room, as he did not want to go to dinner with husband who I told to go the restaurant in MK for dinner and come back.
He went to Tony's Town square restaurant, which he thought was excellent. To bad we missed it. Oh well, I am sure for the kids it would have been the same stuff.

We missed the campfire with Chip and Dale because Girl was sick. Oh well, I am sure we didn't miss to much. All in all, today wasn't the greatest for our last day, but we did enjoy the vacation.

rides we rode/attractions we saw rated out of 5*
Monsters Inc Laugh Floor -****
It's a small world-**
Pirates of the Caribbean-****
Tom Sawyer Island-*

boys favorite ride in MK that day - pirates of the caribbean

Places we dined rated out of 5*
Village fry shop-**
Cosmic Ray's starlight cafe-***
Tony's Town square-*****

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