Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 6- Typhoon Lagoon and Animal Kingdom

This morning, we decide not to do another full day at Animal Kingdom, but want to go back later this afternoon to see the 4pm Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade.
So instead we head over for 10am to Typhoon Lagoon, one of Disney's water parks. The other water park, Blizzard Beach which is closed for Refurbishment.
Typhoon Lagoon was lots of fun. We had to rent a locker for $7 and towels were $1 each which was kind of a down point, as we spent enough, they should include that with your admission. But whatever, that is how it is.

By the time we are dressed and everything locked up the kids head over to the big wave pool. This pool makes waves about 6 ft high and come crashing into the shore, and knock over kids and adults in its path. The kids think this is great. One thing I don't like there, is the very rough ground, I guess so no one slips, but it is very painful if you fall on it, or just standing there with your feet in it. I didn't swim, because I find the air and the water to cool for my liking. I prefer a hot tub, but they don't have one of those here. I have my feet in the water for a little then go lie down on a sun chair and relax in the sun. Typhoon lagoon is definitely different from the other parks as there is way less walking here. It is a nice change from walking and walking and walking.

They play in the wave pool for about 45 minutes and then we have lunch. Today we lunch at the leaning palms. Boy and girl both get a hot dog, which they get with a little shovel and pail. I get pizza and husband gets a wrap. Another OK, fast food place.

After lunch, we ride on Castaway Creek, which is a lazy tube ride, we hop off at Ketchakiddie Creek and play there for about another hour. More for little kids there, but the water is much warmer. After we head back to the wave pool and play for another little while, and then we get ready to go.

We catch a bus back to our resort to drop off swimming gear, and head over to AK. WE arrive about 3pm and grab a cone for a snack and and do Rafiki's planet watch since we missed it our first day there, and it wasn't to spectacular. We weren't there long, because it wasn't to great and we head back to the main path to line up to see the 4PM parade. Again we are near the exit so we can leave quickly as we have reservations at 530PM.

The parade was OK, not one of the better ones. Really we could have missed it. After the parade we headed to the bus stop and took the bus to the Boardwalk Resort Hotel. I think another Moderate Resort. We are dining at Spoodles on the Boardwalk. The resort seems really nice.

We check in at Spoodles a little bit early, but they seat us right away. Dinner there was nothing fancy, I didn't like mine that much, it was just to spicy for my liking. Girl had pasta again with butter and Parmesan cheese and poor boy had pizza again, which of course he did not like. He managed to eat a little bit of it, enough to survive.

After dinner we decide to head back for an early night, but little do we realize it was not going to be an early night. The bus ride back was brutal. The wait at the Boardwalk was about 15-20 minutes as we have to head to Down Town Disney to catch the bus to our Resort. Then instead of doing its usual route straight from boardwalk to DTD, we have multiple stops at other resorts, and then to DTD, that was probably 30 minutes. Another 10 minute wait at the DTD stop, and then on our bus. Our bus makes the stops at ASSports, ASMusic and then to Movies. That was proabably another 30 minutes. So a Very long travel back, probably that night was the longest, but we made it back and are very glad to be back. WE are all zonked. But Ready for our last day at a Park tomorrow.

Rides we rode/attractions we saw rated out of 5*
Typhoon Lagoon
wave pool-*****
castaway creek-***
ketchakiddie creek-**(for younger kids)
Animal Kingdom
Rafiki's planet watch-*
Mickey's jammin' Jungle parade-**

Girls favorite at TL - The wave pool
Boys favorite at TL - The wave pool

Places we dined rated out of 5*
Leaning palms-**

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