Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 5-Epcot and Disney Quest

I like Epcot, but I found we could not spend a whole day there.
WE headed to Epcot and arrived at opening time. WE headed straight to Soarin' and fast passed it, then we went to the Sea with Nemo and Friends. I thought this area was great. The ride was OK, more for little kids, but it was nice. The ride is in a huge building with one of the largest aquariums inside. WE saw all sorts of fish, sea horses, manatees, Nemo fish, Crush the turtle etc.

It was nice, then we did Turtle Talk with Crush, a great interactive show. We all enjoyed that.
After turtle talk, we went over and did Soarin'. This ride was good, but it made me a little queasy. I had to close my eyes a couple of times. It makes you feel like you are flying, over mountains, trees, water etc. When you fly over the trees, they even spray a scent in the air, like pine so you really feel like you are there. It was a good ride.

After soarin', we did the little boat ride, Living with the land, which Husband and I thought very interesting, but the kids thought it was boring.

We then headed for lunch. The kids just ate McDonalds french fries, at the Canada World showcase exhibit. Typical. Husband ate at Morocco in the Tangerine cafe, and I just got a hot dog and chips with an ice cream cone to go at a little counter stop.

After lunch we headed back over to Future world and fast passed Test Track. Then went to check out innoventions. I tried to send a email to friends, but it wasn't working properly. We did a little fire safety game which was fun. Then we left to go ride Test Track. That was fun. My favorite ride in all of WDW. Girl did not like it as it was fast, boy was scared too, but by the end, he wanted to do it again. Fun, Fun ride. A must do.

After that we went to see Honey I shrunk the audience, which I thought another terrible show. Just as bad as bugs life, just not as scary.
After the show, we went and did the Sea with Nemo and Friends again, and stopped at a Kidcot station, for the kids to make a little craft.
Our dinner reservations were early, 4pm at the Coral Reef, inside the same building as the Nemo ride.
WE arrived and had a wonderful dinner. Pizza again for boy, Macaroni and cheese for girl, both didn't like their dinner, husband and I had steak dinner, and it was fantastic. Another favorite restaurant.

After dinner, we decided to leave Epcot and go to Down Town Disney to check out Disney Quest, a big arcade, 5 floors of arcade.
We did a couple games, for a few hours. My favorite games were the drum game, which is like guitar hero, but instead of playing a guitar you are playing the drums and then fantasy jumping, which is this skipping game. You have to jump when the light comes down. Lots and Lots of fun.

We headed out about 745pm, to catch the bus back to the Beach Club resort and walked over to Epcot to see Illuminations. We walked around, and checked out Club cool (not so cool) and then rested and waited to see the fireworks. The fireworks were good, but fantasmic is still my favorite.

It was a very late night, and we left a bit early because we wanted to be at the hotel fairly early. It was a very long day, but fun. Another fun and exhausting day, but still raring to go. Ready for Day 6. How fast the trip seems to be going.

Rides we rode/attractions we saw rated out of 5*
Club cool-*
Test Track-*****
The sea with Nemo and Friends-***
Turtle Talk with Crush-*****
Living with the land-***
Honey, I shrunk the audience-*
World showcase-***
Disney Quest-*****

Girls favorite in Epcot- Soarin and Nemo
boys favorite in Epcot - Soarin and Nemo

Places we dined rated out of 5*
Tangerine Cafe-***
Canada McDonalds French fries- Kids rated it a *****
Counter stop-*
Coral Reef-*****

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