Friday, March 6, 2009

Panama City Day 8

Today's weather is even warmer than yesterday and the gulf is a little rougher. Hubby didn't end up snorkeling yesterday, and since it is so warm today, I think he will do that. The kids want him to find some sand dollars and big shells for them.

This morning after our early morning work out, we took the kids to do some shelling along the beach. I found a tonne of shells that I will give to my preschool classes upon my return. The kids found a few they will keep. We are being picker and looking for the really unique ones now that we have about 1000 shells to bring home. What am I going to do with them all.

After the beach, we headed to Alvin's Island Tropical Store and K got herself a hoody just like mine, but in brown. We had lunch and then headed to the beach.

The sun is way hotter today. After almost 2 hours on the beach, we all got a little more color than expected. All week, the UV hasn't been strong and we can spend hours and get just a little color, but today we all are a little too red. Not overly burnt, but a little. The rest of our time here, the weather and the sun will be stronger, so we will make sure we are well coated in sun block.

After the beach, we headed up to the Condo and had a laid back evening. We made dinner, ate, cleaned up, and the kids showered and we rented a movie for them. Another day down, 3 more to go.

The beach was fun, the kids and I made a sand plop turtle and monster.. I am sure you are wondering what the heck is a sand plop. Let me explain.. You fill up a bucket with water and then some sand, you take the soaking wet sand out and just let it fall down in plops off your fingers. You can keep piling the sand on top and it will make a tower. It is really neat and keeps the kids busy for a while. I enjoy it too. If you are ever on the beach, make sure you make some sand plop creations.

Hubby went snorkeling today, but the water was too rough. There are no shells and no sign of life farther out. We might do shell island on Sunday and snorkel there. Apparently that is the spot for snorkeling.

After the beach, the kids met a girl at the hot tub and they played for a while with her, jumping into the pool and then warming up again in the hot tub, over and over again. When she left to go to the beach with her parents, we headed up to the room. We sorted some shells and the kids played on the computer and their Nintendo DS's.. Rest time. We made dinner, Salmon and pasta with vegetables, and garlic bread and ate around 5pm. After dinner we cleaned up and took it easy.

Things you didn't know about Panama City Beach - Thousands of college and university students come out to Panama City beach for Spring break. The busy season starts the first weekend in March.

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