Monday, March 9, 2009

Panama City - Our last day and review

This is our last day here, and we will be having a relaxing beach day. The weather is sunny and hot. Today's high 81F. One more day on the beach. I will miss this beach, the heat and sunshine the most upon our return home. I am not looking forward to the gloom and gray and rain and snow and mix of end of winter weather back home. I love it here. I love the sunshine.
However, vacations have to end.

This vacation has been really nice, truly relaxing, fun and beautiful. A nice winter get away. Panama City would definitely be a place I could visit again. It is very nice, great weather, great beach, great activities for adults and children alike. We stayed in a wonderful Condo called Splash. They have heated pools, kiddie area, water park, hot tub, work out room(gym), arcade and free DVD rentals. You are very pampered here. In the condo, you have access to full size fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave as well as Washer and dryer, a must have when you are constantly at the beach bringing in sand. There are Televisions, and DVD players in the bedrooms and the living area. Very nice when staying with multiple families. It is nice to have these necessities when vacationing.

I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a winter or spring break get away or for the beach lovers to consider Panama City Beach. Great fun here. I would also recommend the splash resort as a place to stay.

Our overall experience here has been great. Definite must visit for those who have never been.

Things you didn't know about Panama City Beach - Panama City Beach is situated on the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida. The metropolitan area is made up of 20.5 square miles of land, and 6.2 square miles of water. The average yearly temperature is 71°F... just about where most people would set their thermostats.
Panama City Beach is definitely a beach lovers paradise!

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