Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Panama City Day 5

How the time seems to be flying. We love it here, we could live like this everyday. Too bad vacations have to end, and we have to return to normalcy soon.

Still following the same routine, hubby and I worked out and then we shopped at Alvin's Island Tropical Department Store. I bought the kids a zipper pull with their names on it and myself a zippered hoody with the words Panama City on it. Nothing tacky though. I like it.

After wards, we headed to the beach for an hour, and then up to the room for lunch.

After lunch, back down to the beach and the pool for about 2 hours and then up for a snack and then we headed out to play some mini golf. We went to the Pirates mini golf, way down town Panama City Beach, there is so many mini golf places to choose from here. It was a great golf course. Very clean and well maintained and lots of neat things, it just doesn't compare to anything Ottawa has.

After golf, we ordered pizza and brought it home. We had dinner and then headed back to the beach for a walk. Collected some more shells, and then rented the movie Wall-E for the kids. They enjoyed it. We had another relaxing evening, watching movies.

Things you didn't know about Panama City Beach - If it was ever your dream to swim with dolphins in Florida, or even just watch them play from the shore or a boat, you have come to the right place.

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