Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Panama City Day 4

Today was much nicer. It was still a bit cool in the morning, so after our work out we took the kids bowling. The difference here, is they don't have 5 pin bowling, only 10 pin. The kids had some trouble holding the bigger balls, but it was a lot of fun.

After bowling, we headed back to the condo and had lunch, and then headed to the beach.

We spent about 2 hours at the beach, the kids had a blast playing in the sand. The water is still too cool to swim in, but you can get up to your knees without a problem. Then we went swimming in the pool and then over to the hot tub.

We headed back up to the condo and had a snack, got dressed and then headed for our walk along the beach. It was too cold in the morning to walk. There was so many shells today, but I am looking for the red and white ones and am having a hard time finding them. There were alot of broken shells today as well. The waters are much calmer though, so if they continue to calm down, we might be able to find some unbroken shells tomorrow.

After our walk, we went out for dinner. My picky children were miserable, as the kids didn't like anything. I got C to eat French fries, and K wouldn't eat anything and was very upset and I was not impressed. We got dessert on the way home, but not for the kids because their behavior was unacceptable in the restaurant. When we got home, I went down to the hot tub again, K went to bed and C watched a movie with hubby. Another nice day.

Things you didn't know about Panama City Beach - The best thing about Panama City Beach shopping is you don't have to step far off the sand.

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