Saturday, February 28, 2009

Panama City - our first day

We decided to have and easy day today as we are still recovering from our travel day.

Hubby and I worked out in the gym first thing. It is so nice having a gym at our disposal while we are here. After all that sitting around yesterday we needed to do some form of exercise. We both ran on the treadmill. It is nice to be able to keep up with the fitness routine.

This morning, we took the kids for a walk on the beach to do some shelling. The kids found a tonne of shells. The beach is lovely and white and soft. The water is a bit cool, and rough and some Jelly fish have been washed up on the beach, but they are just tiny little things.

After we got back, we took the kids for a swim in the pool, they hung out at the water park and then in the hot tub. The weather is sunny, but windy. The wind is a bit cool though right from the water, but still a beautiful day.

After the swim, we headed out to Walmart to pick up some graceries and then went to the beach for a good hour and a half. Then back to the pool. The it was time for dinner. We rented a couple of movies for the night(I use the word rent, but they are free to those that stay at the condo) and the kids played in the arcade there. It is full of games, such as bowling, racing, etc. We are still pretty tired, so we had an easy night watching movies.

Things you didn't know about Panama City Beach - The soft white sands of Panama City Beach are formed from quartz crystals washed through the millennia downstream from the Appalachian Mountains

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